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The plane took off easily.

Later, the nurse told me she had done her best to make me well.

Negotiators have agreed on two draft texts, but there are still many areas of disagreement.

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You found one, didn't you?

He's so arrogant!

We're optimists.

Catherine is expected to come by 2:30.

You'll never escape that way.

The boat was seen to draw apart from the others.

I am giving her a bracelet for her birthday.

Un-American activity cannot be prevented or routed out by employing un-American methods; to preserve freedom we must use the tools that freedom provides.

I'll change before going to the dance.

I know that you are a teacher.

The damage has been done.


That sounds like something Lorien would do.

We've all done stupid stuff when we're drunk.

You're both acting like children.

We'll catch up.

Micah is a little taller than you are.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again before long.

The Diet is not fully functioning as such.

If you need money, I'll lend you some.

Do you think Takayuki saw Price?

I'll have to mention this to Knapper.

She came back an hour later.

The Law is harsh, but it is the Law.

Like priest, like people.

He knows how to greet people in all languages.

I suggest you find a new line of work.


Isabelle's family moved around quite a bit when he was a kid.

How did you come up with this?

Raphael grabbed a chair.

How does Bill fit into this?

A whale is no less a mammal than a horse.

She promised me that she would clean my room.

Lindsay was responsible for it.

Don't bother Andrew.

The soreness in her throat made swallowing extremely painful.

Guess what that cost me.

Did I ever tell you about her?

I decided to major in French.

We can't compromise on this.

You're welcome to write to me.

Our electric heater does not work well.


You're a funny gal.

Mitch is in the park.

Tanaka rested at home.

I'd better take you home.

Jorge noticed a half-eaten hamburger on the dashboard of Werner's car.

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All you do is complain!


It is a good idea for students to work part-time while they are going to school.


You will all die.


There are so-called primitive cultures in the jungles of the Amazon and on the island of New Guinea, and there are so-called advanced cultures in Europe, Asia, and Africa, but the languages of these cultures are all equally advanced and complex.

Hi. How are you called?

This cloth won't stand much washing.

There's no way in.

If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you.

I objected to paying the bill.

I must have expressed myself badly.

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Why aren't you at Russ's?

Takao thinks you can do it.

She is a very refined lady.

I think that I should buy a good car.

I'm pretty good at cooking spaghetti.

That should only take me a few minutes.

What do you say to bringing your sister?

He's my old drinking buddy.

You might want to go there by yourself.

Never love unless you can bear with all the faults of man.

Every Sunday the cat sits on the windowsill and watches the birds.

I know you see it, but are you really looking at it?

I don't know how you do that.

This dress will look good on you.

Debi was just stating the obvious.

What do you call this insect in English?

I don't really want anything to eat right now.

I need to leave for a while.

She's making progress in cooking.

The United States borders Canada.

The party crossed over to America.

Bert just got back today.

He is fond of ceremony.


Is there a school bus?

Running the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu can be arduous.

The child cried for the toy.

The manager reprimanded the man who was pounding on the table.

I'm here because I think I can help you.

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This stuff's radioactive.

He tried to make his reports scientific.

That was the first time I ever played disc golf.

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Welcome to my answering machine! I'm out eating at Quiznos right now, so call me back later. Have a good day!

She smiled at him.

You can contact me.


These pearls look real.

Jill has to have an operation on his back.

My sister was successful in the examination.

But more often than not, we came back empty-handed.

Can I have a glass of water, please?


You're the strategy expert.


China is a great country.

My French got better after I got married to a native French speaker.

I didn't know if she was flirting.

Did you ask them to leave?

This huge mountain near our village blocks the sun most of the day.

I'll give it to you for free.

Mongo has a big schlong.

Have you eaten your lunch yet?

It has been a long time since I wrote you last.

John ran like crazy to the train station to catch the last train.

I trust the teacher.


That's something I'd like to try doing.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this is true.

My brother and I share the same room.

The birds flew south in search of warmth.

What's past is past.

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Ahmed kept winning.

The person who descended from the coach was a woman of about 22 or 23 with, if I had to say, a plain appearance. At a glance, I knew that she was a guest coming from Paris. She was alone.

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.

Brett just showed up at work.

Will you go across to the baker's and buy some bread?

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Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not, whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather, whether we like it or not!

I'll be waiting outside.

I blew my whole bonus on shopping and travel.


I can handle them.

The tourists wandered around the stores.

The familiar place had a new significance for her.

He came first. Therefore he got a good seat.

I wanted to be with Teresa all the time.

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I need it by the morning of April 5, so it can be reviewed by other members prior to the meeting.

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I have finished cleaning my room.

Did you sleep yesterday afternoon?

Monday definitely isn't my favourite day of the week.

Rats desert a sinking ship.

I broke the marriage vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

Annie looks perky.

I gave it to him.

Johan didn't want to take any chances.

Travis is there already.

My hometown is in the center of Hokkaido.

Why don't you return to your quarters?


This is in itself not new for me, but the couple wanted to live in a comfortable home, which called for an extensive renovation.

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They all look alike.

I hear you're studying French with Scott.

I don't know how long I can stay.

Do you speak Swedish?

You know it'll be your duty from tomorrow on.

It wasn't a pleasant experience.

I'm sure Kim had good reasons for doing that.

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I can't believe I believed Pete.

Keep to the left when driving.

I don't think there will be any problems.

What did he do to you?

Wherever the needle goes, the thread goes too.

What was Moses doing the last time you saw him?

You've been there.


We have checked.

You will learn your lessons only in so far as you are willing to keep studying them.

He hid his feelings.

It's very cold here.

You said I could see Floria.


Oh! I know the man.

I understand why you feel that way.

People, not walls create the cities.

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Margaret realized something wasn't right.


She needs time to think. Can she give you her answer tomorrow?

You'd have done the same.

You didn't give us a chance.

What's all that racket?

I'm not making faces at them.